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" Some of the factors that carry significant weight in the said scoring system therefore include but they are not limited to cloud computing rules international harmonization, presence of effective anti cyber crime penalties, intellectual property…… Security Sector eformOverview of the relevant arguments regarding Security Sector reformThe objective of security sector reform has to take care of the threats to the security of the state and the safety of its citizens. These arise often from the situation within the state and military responses may not be suitable. This leads on to an analysis of the government. The second article talks in a wider, more theoretical and less action oriented tone. It says that "existing constitutional frameworks have been used to maintain status quo than promote change. " This much is certainly true and it is true not only of the countries with a security problem, but also of even United States wherein recently a justice of the Supreme Court was appointed, though she had no experience of being a judge, but she was a friend of the Chief Executive of the country.

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Moreover, having children might cause a lock of the system by improper insertion of the password.

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